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Our business is about identifying and maximising business opportunity for our clients.  We work at the core of the telecommunications and associated industries in maximising operational effectiveness.  We also work at the innovative leading edge in risk assessment, quantification and containment.

In Western Europe, in Central / Eastern Europe and in Asia Pacific, our focus is on strategic investment and on financial investment, and, relatedly, on performance optimisation. 

Our skills are called upon in supporting Mergers & Acquisitions, Restructurings, Re-Capitalisations and post-acquisition Performance Enhancement.  We provide expertise across the continuum from corporate finance through valuation, operational audit, assessment of market potential, competitive analysis, and consulting engineering.

In the Levant, the Gulf, the Middle East and Africa, our focus is on M&A, on international diversification strategies and on market entry strategies.  According as deregulation has gathered momentum, our skills have been called upon in identifying and prioritising licensing and acquisition opportunities and in developing corresponding market entry and market share retention strategies.

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