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Private Equity and Venture Capital

We provide seasoned expertise to Private Equity / Venture Capital organisations at all phases of investment cycles.   Our work spans the timeline from initial due diligence through operational performance to implementation of exit.  We assist with portfolio balancing through identification and quantification of factors governing upside return possibilities and downside risk containment.

Factors to be considered are of course assignment-specific, and are developed in consultation with our clients.  A typical spread of such factors includes :

  • Historic performance in the absolute

  • Historic performance against a representative spread of industry comparables

  • Sources of competitive advantage and disadvantage

  • Realism of strategy and business planning

  • Historic, current and forecast market behaviour

  • Anticipation and quantification of market discontinuities

  • Anticipation and quantification of technology discontinuities

  • Financial strength and stability

  • Management strengths and weaknesses

  • Structural strengths and weaknesses

  • Operational strengths and weaknesses

  • Technology strengths and weaknesses

  • Potential to benefit from enhanced capitalisation

  • Current valuation

  • Requirement for ongoing investment to maintain sources of competitive advantage

  • Possible exit strategies and timelines; influences on capital investment requirements

  • Valuation at exit

  • Overall suitability against client objectives, approach to risk and current portfolio

Our client base includes “Mid-cap” sector and geographic specialist funds and high-value strategic acquisition funds.  Our unique blend of operational experience and sectoral focus allows rapid turnaround of detailed and incisive insights.  We are specifically experienced in implementing continuity and clear points of reference, together with production of rigorously structured deliverables, against the extreme urgency and rapid evolution of priorities with which many PE / VC transactions are concluded.

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