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Corporate Finance / Advisory

The telecommunications, media, broadcast  and technology industries are now in a vibrant phase of investment, consolidation and addressing of new opportunities.  We provide seasoned Corporate Finance / Advisory capabilities and support in charting ways forward against real value that now exists and against real value that can be created.

Areas in which we work include the following :

  • Assessment of industry sectors and sub-sectors to identify merger, acquisition and divestiture opportunities

  • Assessment of companies that are “In play”, or are otherwise subject to acquisition or merger, to identify core and non-core business streams

  • Performance of operational audits to confirm or refute assessments of value and / or interest on the part of acquirers and / or investors

  • Provision of independent valuation

  • Performance of rigorously sustained forensic operational, technical, financial, commercial and sectoral analyses in support of construction of valuation and of cases to be made in Information Memoranda

  • Provision of expert resourcing in support of preparation of “Roadshow” collateral, and provision of expert support and briefing to personnel undertaking “Roadshows”

  • Introduction of opportunities to potential equity investors and debt providers

  • Mutual introduction of companies possessed of complementary strengths, and structuring of consortia against specific opportunities

  • Provision of specific guidance and advice, political / economic insights and formalised risk assessments to organisations working on new or unfamiliar geographic or sectoral initiatives.

Our client base includes operating companies in the telecommunications and technology sectors, global investment banks, sector specialist investment banks, privatisation agencies of governments, international law firms and blue-chip global generalist management consultancies.

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