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Telecommunications Operations

In telecommunications operations, we work with telecommunications operators, broadcasters and content providers in wireline, mobile, fixed wireless and satellite.  There are three principal components to our work.  These are :

  • Development of immediate, medium-term and long term strategy

  • Generation of competitive advantage through focused operational efficiency

  • Identification of core competitive advantages necessary to success  in specific sectors and markets

The three areas are in essence related.  Effective strategy can only be implemented through coalescing of specific sectors of expertise.  Sales, marketing, product management, finance, engineering, operations and administration must be structured and managed against clarity of direction, objectives and targets.  Realistic and accurate Key Performance Indicators must be established for each.

We work with our clients in hands-on implementation.  We draw on our global experience and on the deep line experience of our staff.  We hold that each challenge with which we assist is unique, in that our clients have requested assistance against specific challenges and combinations of circumstances.  We do not seek to implement pre-packaged solutions based on ostensibly universally applicable chartware.  Rather, we bring to bear our own deep and broad experience and expertise in developing uniquely tailored solutions.  We are committed to the achievement of quantifiable results.

Specific elements of our work include :

  • Financial Structuring

  • Business Process Engineering

  • Technology Strategy Planning

  • Network Optimisation

  • Market Segmentation

  • New Product Assessment

  • Transnational Service Design

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Competitive Licensing

  • Interconnect Strategy

Our clients include blue-chip and newly licensed carriers in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Levant, the Gulf, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

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